Real Alcázar – Casa de Contratación: Admiral’s room – Last Moments of Fernando III the Saint, a masterpiece by Virgilio Mattoni

Last Days of Fernando III the Saint  - A painting by Virgilio Mattoni mounted in the Admiral's room of Real Alcázar of Seville, Spain

Last Moments of Fernando III the Saint, a masterpiece by Virgilio Mattoni

Las postrimerías de Fernando III el Santo (Last Moments of Ferdinand III the Saint)
This masterpiece is an oil painting on canvas of size (400 x 750 cm), adorning the Admiral’s room’s wall in the Casa de Contratación (House of Contracting) section of the Real Alcázar in Seville, Spain.

Painted by Virgilio Mattoni, it depicts the last moments of Ferdinand III, the king of Castile, who captured Seville in 1248 from the Almohads. He died in Seville on May 30, 1252, and was later canonized in the 17th century.

Virgilio Mattoni, a native son of Seville, painted this work for the National Exhibition of 1887 to show his special connection to the city of Seville. This acclaimed work secured the second position in the exhibition.

The inspiration for the painting came from a passage described in the Chronicle of Spain, a compilation of historical accounts commissioned by Alfonso X the Wise, the son and the successor of King Ferdinand III.

Dressed in a white gown, King Ferdinand III has his head lowered and is falling on his knees as two monks hold his arms up to form a cross. He is dying as Archbishop in front of him holds Eucharist up in his hands, and Queen Juan is collapsed on a cushion, and other courtiers anxiously watch the spectacle.

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