Seville Cathedral: Trascoro (Retrochoir)

Trascoro (Retrochoir) of the Seville Cathedral


The area behind the Coro (Choir), known as the Trascoro (Retrochoir), presents one of the beautiful sights in the Seville Cathedral. The upper part of the image shows the magnificent ceiling above the Coro and Capilla Mayor, and the lower part shows the richly decorated the west-side wall of the Coro ornate with many objects, including paintings, bas-reliefs, and bronze busts. At the center is a beautiful painting depicting the Virgen de los Remedios (Virgin of the Remedies), and flanking it are the two doors that open to the Coro. Above the doors are the bronze busts, and next to them are the bas-reliefs.

The Virgen de los Remedios is one of the numerous titles of the Virgin Mary and was popular with the Spanish Conquistadors and Reconquista, and still being worshiped in Spain and parts of Latin America.

Built by Miguel de Zumárraga in the 17th century, this ornate retro choir is an evidence of the opulence of that era because of the precious materials, including jasper, used in its construction.

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