Seville Cathedral: Mian Chapel – Altarpiece Reliefs

Reliefs of the altarpiece of the main chapel of the Seville Cathedral, Spain

Reliefs of the altarpiece of the main altar

Reliefs of the altarpiece
The reliefs shown in the image are part of the Retablo Mayor (main altarpiece) situated behind the main altar of the Seville Cathedral. It is an incredible work of art comprising of 44 compartments, each containing poly-chromed reliefs carved in wood and coated with a copious amount of gold. Most reliefs depict scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, as described in the Bible.

The image shows four of the reliefs, whose description is given below:

1. Bottom left – Crown of thorns placed on the head of Jesus
2. Bottom right – Resurrection
3. Top left – Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene
4. Top right – Ascension of Jesus to Heaven

Check the front-facing portion of the altarpiece for all the reliefs depicting the life of Christ.

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