Badami Cave – 3: Yama on the mukhamantapa (verandah) ceiling

A sculptural relief depicting Yama on the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (verandah) of Cave - 3 of the Badami Caves in Karnataka, India

Yama carved into the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (porch) of Cave – 3

Yama carved into the ceiling of the mukhamantapa
This intricately-carved bas-relief is on the ceiling of mukhamantapa of Cave – 3, the third of the four rock-cut caves of Badami in Karnataka, India.

As you can see from the image, there are two concentric circular frames, and enclosing them is a square frame. Within the inner circular frame, there is a beautifully carved relief of Yama, the god of justice and death, seated on a male buffalo. Separating the circular frames are the carvings of lotus flowers and buds.

Between the outer and inner circular frames, there are four smaller circular frames, each with a relief carved inside.

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