Badami Cave – 3: Brahma on the mukhamantapa (verandah) ceiling

A sculptural relief depicting Brahma carved on the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (verandah) in Cave - 3 of the Badami Caves in Karnataka, India

Brahma carved on the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (verandah) of Cave – 3

Brahma carved on the ceiling of the mukhamantapa (verandah)
As you can see, there are two concentric circular frames, and enclosing them is a square frame. Within the inner circular frame, there is a beautifully carved relief depicting a four-headed Brahma seated majestically on his vehicle Hamsa (a swan). One of his four hands carries a long-handled spoon, and another a japamala (prayer beads).

Between the outer and inner circular frames, there are eight smaller circular frames, each with a relief carved inside.

The relief above Brahma depicts Yama, the god of justice and death, riding a buffalo. The relief below him depicts Varuna, the sea god, riding Makara. To his left is the relief depicting Indra, the king of heaven and the devas (demigods), riding Airavata, an elephant. To his right is the relief depicting Kartikeya, a son of Shiva and the god of war, riding a peacock. The other four circular frames have reliefs of yakshas and Vidyadhara couples.

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