Badami Cave – 3: Ashtabhuja (8-armed) Vishnu

Sculptural relief depicting Ashtabhuja (Eight-Armed) Vishnu carved in Cave - 3, the third of the four caves in Badami located in Karnataka, India

Ashtabhuja (Eight-Armed) Vishnu carved in Cave – 3

Ashtabhuja (Eight-Armed) Vishnu
The image shows a beautiful relief depicting Vishnu with eight arms carved on the left side of the facade of Cave – 3 located in Badami, Karnataka, India.

The standard iconography of Vishnu shows him with four arms, but this relief has four additional arms, indicating that he is Maha Vishnu. In addition to chakra (a disc-like weapon), and gadā (mace), padma, and shanka, Vishnu is holding a bow and rope with his left hands, and a sword (partly broken) and an arrow with his right hands.

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