Belur Chennakeshava Temple: Madanike holding a betel leaf and fan

Madanike holding a betel leaf and pankah (fan) - A bracket figure mounterd on the exterior wall of the Belur Chennakeshava Temple in Karnataka, India

Madanike holding a betel leaf and pankah (fan)

Madanike holding a betel leaf and pankah (fan)
This beautiful shilabalike with a majestic dancing stance is holding a folded betel leaf with her left hand and a fan with her right hand, while the male musician on the bottom left is playing the flute and the lady musician at the bottom right is playing the taala, an Indian musical instrument that looks like a smaller version of hand cymbals.

This shilabalike is one of the 38 sculptures known as bracket figures mounted on the exterior wall surrounding Navaranga (the front portion of the temple). Each of these figures is attached to an inclined bracket placed just below the eaves of the temple. The base of the sculpture is mounted just below the capital of the pillar.

This shilabalike is on a corner at the junction between sections 4 and 5 located on the north side of the temple. She is bracket figure number 29 in the Navaranga layout.

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